Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Tradtions

What's up everyone! As you know the holidays are here and Christmas is near. Woohoo! So am left with a question to ask you, What are your Christmas Traditions? What do you or your family do every year during this holiday season?

Here is what I do:
1. We put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving (which we didn't do!)
2. Write our Christmas list on Thanksgiving as well.
3. Me and my wife buy one ornament that signifies our past year.
4. The family all spends the night at one house on Christmas Eve. (Last year it was my house, this year it is my father-in-laws house)
5. Make cookies on Christmas Eve.
6. We all open gifts together, every individual at a time, so that we can share the joy together.
7. On Christmas day either before or after presents are open, we give thanks to God and just share everything that God has done in our lives.
8. We watch Christmas movies, Christmas Eve and all day Christmas.
9. We have a traditional dinner with the family on Christmas Day!
10. (This is a new one this year) We will be donating money to a foundation/charity/family, but we still don't know yet. Do you know of any good causes/foundations/charities out there that is worth giving every penny too?

There is still more traditions that me and my wife want to bring in, not only for or family now but when we have our kids as well. So, What are your traditions? Share and past the word around maybe there is something you and your family do that I might want to do with my family.

Until next time,
Stay blessed


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