Sunday, December 14, 2008

Worship Team Party? Part 3

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Mine has been pretty exciting. This is the 3rd and final part of my post titled, Worship Team Party? Let me tell you that when our worship team gets together we know how to PARTY! Last night was one more memory that we all could share together. This event was really special to me because I am such a believer in investing time to build strong relationships in worship teams. How can you get together with your worship team on a weekly basis and not know them as individuals? We'll those the were the questions that ran through my mind in the beginning of this year. Anyways Here are some pics from last night! Enjoy
Here we are just chillin getting ready to start the Party!

Here we are making our toast! It was a special moment.

Eating time!

We had chinese food for dinner! It was soooo gooood! and we had so much left over's it wasn't even funny.

The night was full of memories that we all will not forget! What does your worship ministry do througout the holidays? Please share and have a Merry Christmas from Spirit and Truth Worship Team.

Until next time

Stay blessed


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