Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fasting - Day 17

What's up blog nation!
Yesterday (Wednesday) I completed my 17th day of this 21 day Daniel fast. If you don't know what I am talking about after all these weeks of my fasting posts then click here. My church (Potter's House Christian Church) has incorporated Pastor Jentenzen Franklin's 21 day Daniel fast. To check out every detail of this fast go to Jentenzen

Pretty normal day yesterday. I spent some good time with my Lord in the early morning hours. If you haven't checked out my blog recently I am beginning a new weekly post called "Spoken Word Wednesday" If you want to find out more or participate just click here. I find this to be really cool because I know a lot of people have a gifting to write poetry, stories, songs, etc. So if that is you, then let your voice be heard!

Here is my dinner last night.
Here we have whole wheat natural pasta with home made tomato sauce, plantains and not from concentrate Orange juice.

Service last night was great. The youth lead worship. We sang,

1. In the Secret - A
I played the keys and before we began the worship set I had the entire congregation come to the front and we began to pray with such joy and passion. After that having there in the front we began our worship set. Very fun.

2. Because of who you are - A
I tried to keep it simple by doing the song in the same key as the previous song. Perfect song for last night's service.

3. When I think about the Lord/ I got it!/ Look what the Lord has done - B
This is a medley consisting of 3 songs. These songs are classics at our church and the congregation fell in love with them once again. Every one came to the front and began to dance like David danced!

Pastor spoke a great word found in the book of Mathew about planting a seed. Powerful message!

This was day 17 of 21 days. Everyday for the next 21 days I will be keeping you posted with everything that happens throughout my fasting experience. You can also check out Potter's House Christian Church and download free podcast daily of every service in our 21 day fast. So stay plugged in everyday.

So are you or your church fasting this new year? If so how is it going? If not I invite you to dedicate and separate yourself for God, it will change the rest of your year.

Until next time
Stay blessed