Friday, January 23, 2009

Fasting - Day 18

What up blog nation!
Yesterday (Thursday) I completed my 18th day of this 21 day Daniel fast. If you don't know what I am talking about after all these weeks of my fasting posts then click here. My church (Potter's House Christian Church) has incorporated Pastor Jentenzen Franklin's 21 day Daniel fast. To check out every detail of this fast go to Jentenzen

Good day yesterday. Spent the morning with my Lord, just expressing and pouring myself onto Him. Throughout this fast there has been several petitions that I have been praying really hard for and I have hope that they will come to pass, but like a lot of things there is a waiting period. Don't you just hate not knowing what is going to take place in your life? That is how I feel this week, but I stay confident and hopeful. I managed to get my haircut yesterday. The moment I walked in my barber asked me, "Have you lost weight? because I see it in your neck area" I then began speaking to him about the fast that I am doing. He is not a believer but I know one day he will come to know the God that created him.
Here is my dinner.
Service last night was great and funny at the same. After we finished up our set, a special speaker came to speak, he had to be in his 70's but he moved and preached like he was in his 20's! No lie. Check out the video (It is in Spanish, but check out this pastor's energy) Sorry for the poor video quality, it was recorded on my phone.

This was day 18 of 21 days. Everyday for the next 21 days I will be keeping you posted with everything that happens throughout my fasting experience. You can also check out Potter's House Christian Church and download free podcast daily of every service in our 21 day fast. So stay plugged in everyday.

So are you or your church fasting this new year? If so how is it going? If not I invite you to dedicate and separate yourself for God, it will change the rest of your year.

Until next time
Stay blessed Blog Nation!