Friday, August 20, 2010

God Father Chronicles:Chapter 1 Part 1

Hey what is going everyone!
As some of you might know I am caring for my God Son for the next 4 days. Call it training, practice, whatever, but I call it building! Building a good relationship with my God Son.

We'll anyways, I got to admit last night I was a little nervous in bringing him to the house. I didn't know what to expect. Whether he would cry all night, scream all night, be awake all night, I was clueless! But non of the above took place. We got home played for a little, gave him a bath (which was a priceless moment. And no I will not show footage of Michael naked for all you ladies!!!) and he knocked out quick. I surprised at how easy and fast he knocked out.

This morning was hilarious though! I woke up around 5am and everyone is knocked out and I usually don't make to much noise when I am getting ready. Today was a bit different. Me being the 007 agent that I am did pretty well keeping quiet. I did not over some things, which was hilarious, but for the most part everyone stayed asleep. So as I am walking all proud out of the house, I close the door and start walking to the car. Then I realize that I locked myself out of the house without my keys!!!! So, I call my wife and whisper, "Honey, I left my keys in the house, I'm in the front door." I wait about 20 seconds and she cracks the door open and all I see is her face with a huge smile. She knew I tried so hard not to screw up, but I did!!!! I told her, " I have daddyitis!!!"

Check out this video of me waking up Michael this morning. PRICELESS!!!!

Stay tuned as I keep you guys updated with what goes on tonight.



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