Sunday, August 22, 2010

God Father Chronicles: Chapter 1 Part 2

Hey guys , hope you enjoyed part one of this series. If you don't know Jennifer and I have been caring for are God son (Michael) since Thursday and let me tell you it has been a surprising adventure.

Below is a video of Friday's dinner that we had with Michael at Subway. Awesome Vid, check it out.

We'll Saturday was an adventure, just let me say it this way, 3 birthday parties in one day with a 1 1/2 yr. old!!!!! And let me tell you Michael behaved tremendously good. The only acting up he did was when we took a lolly pop away from him when we were ready to leave, but even at that it was for like 5 seconds.

After about 5 hrs. of partying Michael started falling asleep in the car but in a very funny way. He would start to laugh at anything we did. You can tell he was long over due for a nap. Check out the next vid of him laughing like a crazy man.

I gotta say I am so surprised at how well Michael has been behaving. If I get kids I want them to behave the way he has been throughout these last several days. Stay tuned my friends.



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